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Heckler4Truth - Wed Sep 14 2011

06:00 AM #
Went for another haircut yesterday. Gwynne was nice but refused to do it this time.

06:02 AM #
She said that since it had only been days since my last haircut, there wasn't enough hair to work with, and soon she'd be down to bone.

06:07 AM #
I said O.K. but suddenly from wonderful Nowhere I got inspiration and asked her "Can I perhaps see you sometime in a non-haircut mode?"

06:14 AM #
...she didn't understand my awkward phrasing, of course. Argh! I was mortified for a second, but rallied and restated it like a somewhat

06:15 AM #
normal human, asking her if she'd like to go on a picnic with me.

06:15 AM #
She said YES.

06:17 AM #
I'm still in shock.