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Heckler4Truth - Thu Sep 15 2011

07:04 AM #
Gwynne and I made plans to go to the lake in Prospect Park. A little trip to the country, you know?

07:07 AM #
I wanted to get delicious things for our outing. Felt like a hypocrite going to HealthyFoodsCo for these treats [see: recent adventures],

07:07 AM #
but everyone's entitled to be a sinner every now and then.

07:22 AM #
Gwynne was dazzled by the repast: perfectly ripened fruit; bread which evoked fancy Parisian bakeries; cheese

07:23 AM #
in colors which neither of us had ever seen before. (Not necessarily good, but unquestionably fancy.)

07:57 AM #
We sat on a blanket and watched Tina run in and out of the lake, then race around in nutty circles to dry off, happy as can be.

07:57 AM #
Gwynne loved Tina -- she said so!

07:58 AM #
Most people think Tina's kind of ratty-looking, and they're kind of right, but they've never looked in Tina's eyes. Gwynne has.

01:42 PM #
And then she told me many horrible jokes, many of the "knock knock" school of humor, but I laughed like a man possessed.

01:43 PM #
Towards the end of the picnic I took her hand like it was the most natural thing in the world and she didn't move it in fact she sort of

01:43 PM #
squeezed it three times or maybe four depending on what constitutes a full squeeze.

01:44 PM #
(In any case, the "running and screaming that I'm a murderer" that I'd imagined her doing did NOT occur.)

01:45 PM #
The subway ride back was a dream. Suddenly rising up out of the dark tunnel over the Manhattan Bridge, the city lights shimmering

01:46 PM #
for us; the approaching dusk peeking through the buildings, lush orange-red. Gwynne and I just sat side-by-side, letting it was over us.

01:46 PM #
No words are necessary at a moment like that.

01:46 PM #
It was the best day of my life.

05:27 PM #
When I told Enrique about the day, he smiled slyly and said "Ahhh my friennnnnnd, you are finally discovering the joys of women."

05:29 PM #
He even managed to make that NOT seem like a cliché: his big brown eyes twinkled, and he was all Continental-y, and for a brief second I

05:29 PM #
could see why women found him charming, especially if I squinted enough so I didn't see the large piece of ham wedged in his teeth.

08:47 PM #
Most terrifying thing I have ever written, but here goes:

08:47 PM #
I am in love with Gwynne.