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Heckler4Truth - Fri Sep 16 2011

07:22 AM #
I've been so lost in l'amour recently that I've gotten careless about my work. THE Work.

07:23 AM #
Ran into Benjamin, who I hadn't seen in a while. He acted like I'd risen from the dead.

07:24 AM #
Benjamin told me that after I left that pro-angry-family event, the guy who was filming asked him who I was.

07:25 AM #
That left poor Benjamin a little shaken, thinking that surely it was an operative of the Trilateral Commission, trying to bring me to task.

07:27 AM #
I did my best to allay his fears, saying the Trilateral Commission was a pretty standard-issue conspiracy theory idea, kinda dopey, really.

07:27 AM #
But it did leave me a bit paranoid, I must say.