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Heckler4Truth - Sun Sep 18 2011

09:22 PM #
Independence Day is my favorite holiday, in fact. It makes me realize what a dewey-eyed patriot I really am.

09:27 PM #
To the best of my recollection, I have never been invited to a 4th of July barbecue of any kind. But the thought that people are out there

09:27 PM #
relaxing and running around in true freedom is such a tonic.

09:34 PM #
Of course, I'd love to be invited to the party sometime, but my path prevents acceptance into polite society. I get that.

09:37 PM #
This is something I resigned myself to long ago, but sometimes...

09:38 PM #
Sometimes I do think I need to connect to others more, in traditionally normal ways, lest my isolation make me a thorough freak.

09:40 PM #
For now it's Blinky, and his 7000-decibel TV, playing the ARMIES BEING ROASTED BY FLAMETHROWERS (or whatever) Channel deep into the night.

09:40 PM #
But Gwynne. That was REAL.