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Heckler4Truth - Tue Sep 20 2011

07:45 PM #
Gwynne is at her sister's today, a family gathering. And I'm brooding.

07:46 PM #
She still doesn't know my true identity. I'm wondering how long I can keep convincing her that I'm a layperson.

07:47 PM #
As far as she knows, I'm working as a busboy while I go for a vague degree of some sort in "Communications."

07:48 PM #
When really, not to brag, but I could give a PhD-level course on the subject.

07:50 PM #
[SIDEBAR: OK, that was obviously bragging. Cheap rhetorical device was: "What I'm about to say isn't what it obviously IS."

07:51 PM #
..."I don't want to be a jerk, but (*says totally jerky thing*)."]

07:52 PM #
People GET AWAY with that bulldinky.

07:54 PM #
Until they're up against me.

07:57 PM #
[Ugh, dopey self-aggrandizing off the charts tonight. Why? A: Not comfortable in own skin; overcompensating.]

07:57 PM #
[...And why uncomfortable in own skin? A: Don't want to keep living a lie with Gwynne.]

08:05 PM #
Might be time to show Gwynne who I REALLY am. Inescapable truth: it's the only way I can hope to have a future with her.

08:05 PM #
Yes. Yes I will. RESOLVED.

08:05 PM #