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Heckler4Truth - Thu Sep 22 2011

09:47 PM #
So much to catch up on.

09:50 PM #
The other day I finally took Gwynne to see me work.

09:51 PM #
I thought it would be most effective if I didn't tell her much except that I had a surprise for her.

09:52 PM #
She got a giggle out of this, thinking it was a game.

10:02 PM #
So I took her to a book signing. The author was popular comedian Larry Morgan, with the popular television show featuring himself as a

10:03 PM #
man exactly like himself, only with craven, slobbering neighbors who make him look smart. Which is no mean feat.

10:04 PM #
Mr. Larry Morgan has recently been doing promos for his book entitled THAT'S WHAT I SAID, DEAL WITH IT! -- one of his catch phrases.

10:05 PM #
I went there to take up Mr. Morgan's invitation to "deal with it."