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Heckler4Truth - Mon Sep 26 2011

02:56 PM #
But Gwynne was THRILLED! She loved loved LOVED The Larry Morgan Show, she said.

02:56 PM #

02:57 PM #
She thought that this WAS the big surprise, and gave me a kiss to thank me.

02:57 PM #
Now, that kiss should have been a transcendent moment for me, romantically and erotically charged.

02:58 PM #
Instead I felt... nauseous.

03:21 PM #
Because I was about to tangle with this T.V. man, this eponymous hero of The Larry Morgan Show, this man who American apparently adored...

03:23 PM #
This man whose magnum opus THAT'S WHAT I SAID, DEAL WITH IT! was climbing the charts, people eating up its gentle social commentary

03:24 PM #
about the minor inconveniences of daily life, but also its underlying ugliness, bile, and xenophobia. Its bitterness.

03:24 PM #
This man, who held my dear Gwynne STARSTRUCK at the moment.