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Heckler4Truth - Tue Oct 04 2011

06:43 AM #
The purported Trilateral Commission agent has tracked me down.

06:44 AM #
He is not, as Benjamin suspected, a member of some planetary star chamber sent to silence me, but instead a friendly documentary filmmaker

06:44 AM #
named "Bud."

06:45 AM #
Bud asked enough people to eventually place me at Mrs. Yin's. (I think Enrique might have ratted me out. Charmingly.)

06:47 AM #
He approached as I was hauling a heavy tray of lunch buffet plates, so I couldn't run away.

06:48 AM #
...Unless I wanted to do the "throw it at him then dive out a plate glass window" move, but

06:49 AM #
1) unfair to Mrs. Yin 2) most likely would have put myself in the hospital.

07:11 AM #
Bud told me he's putting together a documentary on "resistance" at this point in history,

07:12 AM #
especially focused on what's happening on Wall St. right now.

07:13 AM #
He said he wanted to film me as I went about my work -- my TRUE work, that is, not the scraping of uneaten mu-shu into the trash.

07:14 AM #
I told Bud that "resistance" was an odd word in re: what I do. Not to be a prima donna, but it doesn't sound nearly creative enough.

03:44 PM #
He said he didn't want to get caught in semantics. I replied that I DO want to get caught in semantics, that semantics are my passion,

03:45 PM #
and that the consideration thereof is CRUCIAL in our current world, which out-Orwells Orwell by a long shot, e.g. we are constantly being

03:46 PM #
told that we will "save" money by buying many, many things we do not need, for the love of God, and that this is by the specific design of

03:47 PM #
the masters of this planet where money and power rule, attended by some twisto version of sex, where children are only tolerated insofar as

03:48 PM #
they will BUY things, or be BOUGHT FOR, or can be SOLD; where true innocence is met with sneering contempt.

03:49 PM #
Bud started running to his Jeep to get his camera, saying that my diatribe was exactly the kind of cool stuff he wanted to capture.

03:50 PM #
But it was the lunch rush (the buffet is a bargain!), and tables were piling up with greasy soy-sauced plates.

03:51 PM #
I told Bud he'd better leave, but also where and when I planned on next giving voice, and said he could bring his camera if he wished.

03:51 PM #
But I also told him I don't do requests, I'm not some lounge singer.

03:52 PM #
"Cool stuff." Cripes.

08:03 PM #
Still feeling very edgy. All day. Don't know why. Gwynne thing again?

08:05 PM #
But Tina just curled up next to me and sighed a doggy sigh of contentment. Bad feeling going away.

08:06 PM #
Love her, but I'm glad it was a sigh rather than a fart. She can unleash a doozie for a 17-lb. dog.

08:07 PM #
But it's amazing. Tina has quite a power. One little sigh. She dispels darkness with NO effort at all.

08:07 PM #
I have to work a lot harder at it.