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Heckler4Truth - Wed Oct 05 2011

06:30 PM #
Passed Enrique on the way home. I told him that "Bud" wanted to film me.

06:31 PM #
Enrique got really peeved at this, for some reason, and worked himself into the very highest of dudgeons.

06:32 PM #
His voice was that of a Spanish hidalgo whose family honor had been besmirched.

06:34 PM #
Enrique let loose with a full-blown hissy fit of neglected nobility, telling me that I don't deserve that kind of attention, that I am

06:35 PM #
a political naif, that I sentimentalize the poor shamelessly, that they would eat me alive if given half the chance, and that furthermore

06:36 PM #
I'm a babbling idiot whose only friend is an ugly little dog; a sexless fool who doesn't have the slightest idea what to do with that thing

06:37 PM #
between my legs; and also that I dress like a clown in my silly, striped, oversized man-suit.

06:39 PM #
I argued back that he had a large mustard stain on his face, and left with my honor intact.

06:40 PM #
But it wounded me more than I let on.

06:40 PM #
Why the frontal assault? :(