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Heckler4Truth - Sat Oct 08 2011

08:11 AM #
On the ground for the first time. Wall St. (-ish.)

08:12 AM #
Everything's bigger than I anticipated, in good and bad ways.

08:13 AM #
Benjamin is psyching himself up like a soccer hooligan, still talking tough-guy nonsense.

08:14 AM #
But then his own words scare him, and he gets all docile and doe-eyed again.

08:14 AM #
He should take up drinking or something, it might be healthier for him than his tortured schizo activism.

01:21 PM #
My new pal Bud the documentary guy -- who now has a crew in tow -- loved filming the few ragtag anarchists this week, as they agitated for

01:22 PM #
people to agitate, middle fingers springing proudly up whenever his camera was pointed their way.

01:23 PM #
He loved filming the be-suited office workers on lunch break; he loved interviewing them about this alien presence in their midst.

01:24 PM #
He also loved filming the Age of Aquarius greeny-green people, the eco-hippies, a few dressed as deers and owls and mollusks.

01:25 PM #
What Bud did NOT love to film, however, was... me.

01:25 PM #
I was surprisingly hurt by this.

01:26 PM #
I had what I thought was a stellar encounter with a smart but huffy banking dude about who gets the money, and why -- it was a

01:27 PM #
real man-a-mano Socratic duel, and damn it, I was winning, and damn it, Bud took his camera and left after three damned minutes!

01:28 PM #
He interviewed a guy dressed like a zombie instead.