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Heckler4Truth - Sun Oct 09 2011

08:46 PM #
When I confronted him about it later, he shrugged and said "I don't know. I thought you might be the character to anchor this film, but

08:47 PM #
I'm beginning to have my doubts. Nothing personal."

08:48 PM #
[Nothing is EVER personal, no way, no how, no siree. Sure.]

08:49 PM #
I asked Bud WHY I might not be worth filming, and he said. "Well, he's weird, but without being particularly... fun? You know?

08:50 PM #
That SUIT, that way he has of talking -- disturbing but not really in a good way? You know?

08:51 PM #
I just don't think it'll play. You know? I mean, who IS this guy, really?"

08:51 PM #
"You mean... me? I said.

08:51 PM #
"Yeah, sure, yeah. I mean, is he just a psycho?"

08:51 PM #
"I don't happen to think that I am."

08:52 PM #
"Yeah, then, well, maybe he should be MORE of a psycho. I don't know. I don't know, just blue-skying here. Or maybe he should be more of

08:53 PM #
an articulate spokesman for all the other activity here, a center to the storm. THAT is what my story needs, a central character.

08:55 PM #
Not just some lonely schnook in a suit from Goodwill, who occasionally shows up and yells a lot. I mean, really, who the hell is this guy?"

08:55 PM #
"Me, you're talking about -- ME, right?"

08:56 PM #
"Right, sure. Yeah, I mean right now he just seems like a, I don't know... a heckler."

08:56 PM #
I was floored.