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Heckler4Truth - Mon Oct 10 2011

06:39 PM #
Not only was my whole vocation being called into question, but this was the third time in as many weeks that someone had mocked THE SUIT.

06:39 PM #

06:40 PM #
And to be called a "heckler?" A mere "heckler?"

06:41 PM #
(Once again my choice of name seemed to haunt me like a bad penny, or a ghost, or a ghost carrying a bad penny. Too angry for metaphor!)

06:42 PM #
A "heckler." Really. "Pish!" I thought, "I'm not just some loudmouth who shows up to torture comedians..."

06:43 PM #
...Then I remembered the bookstore. Jimmy Morgan. And worst of all, the look on Gwynne's face as she backed away from me...

06:43 PM #
Bud continued, not unsympathetically:

06:44 PM #
"If you want, we could talk about ways to punch up his character. I'm open to that."

06:44 PM #
(He meant ME.)

06:45 PM #
I agreed to meet him tomorrow at the Greek place.