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Heckler4Truth - Thu Oct 13 2011

06:27 AM #
New perspective:

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06:29 AM #
Our meeting yesterday was tense at first. I told him that I was NOT an abusive flax-dresser. He had no idea what the hell I meant.

06:29 AM #
When I explained in terms of etymology, he apologized.

06:31 AM #
Then he asked me, point blank, why I do what I do. So I told him of my path, and my theories of Direct Transfer and Geometric Progression.

06:32 AM #
Bud understood... perfectly! He explained it back to me in word combinations even I had never dreamed up.

06:33 AM #
No one has ever fathomed me so thoroughly before. Not Enrique, not Benjamin, CERTAINLY not Gwynne. (Tina is the only one who comes close.)

06:34 AM #
But Bud got it. (Yes, a guy named "Bud" is the guy who GETS me. Life is full of surprises.)

06:35 AM #
So he affirmed my path. But then he gently suggested a new way of looking at it.

06:36 AM #
"Imagine a magnifying glass," he said. "If you hold it so the lens catches the sun, you amplify that heat many times over."

06:37 AM #
I offered that many insects had suffered because of that very phenomenon.