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Heckler4Truth - Fri Oct 14 2011

10:58 AM #
"Well, um, sure. But my point is: its effect grows more powerful through the lens. This is also true of the camera lens.

10:59 AM #
Power gathers itself, MULTIPLIES itself through that lens.

11:00 AM #
And this is the manifestation of your theories; this is what your ancient gurus did not have available to them. They would have loved it!

11:01 AM #
There is an even more direct Direct Transfer possible now, with a proximity to other people that transcends distance -- and even time!

11:01 AM #
Think about THAT.

11:02 AM #
And hell, I don't even have to point out the potential for enhanced Geometric Progression, given that many thousands and even MILLIONS

11:03 AM #
of people across the world can be connecting to you all at once!"

11:03 AM #
Bud was growing god-like before my eyes.

11:53 AM #
"With the technology we have now, there is no reason to speak only to those in your physical presence. Expand! You've deserve to!

11:54 AM #
You DESERVE this."

11:55 AM #
I was humbled now. "But Bud... I have always though the physical presence was key to this, that being THERE together, bodily -- "

11:56 AM #
Bud cut me off, impatient for the first time. [Suddenly I realized: I want him to like me.]

11:58 AM #
Then he smiled. "The Universe has provided us this GIFT..." He patted his digital camera.

12:00 PM #
" we can be closer to one another as human beings. That's all this has ever been about. Truly." Bigger smile. Charming, wow.

12:00 PM #
And what he said left me gobsmacked.

12:01 PM #
"But Bud, don't I compromise myself, trying to be seen by... the whole world?"