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Heckler4Truth - Sun Oct 16 2011

08:12 AM #
But then he added a practical P.S.:

08:13 AM #
"You need something visual. Something that catches the eye. Use a prop; wear something noticeable.

08:13 AM #
That second-hand suit is no help. You look like some down-on-his-luck office supplies salesman."

08:14 AM #
That stung.

08:15 AM #
But I was pumped with adrenaline, so I went for broke, deliberately switching my voice into super-high-confidence mode:

08:15 AM #

01:40 PM #
Bud was not phased by my blurt. "Oh, you'll be in it," he said matter-of-factly.

01:41 PM #
"Like I said, I'm looking for one central character to bring it all together. That could definitely be you.

01:41 PM #
There's one other person I'm considering too, but you're my top choice right now."

01:42 PM #
I bitterly cursed my unknown rival.