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Heckler4Truth - Fri Oct 21 2011

05:31 PM #
Still reeling. Still wrecked.

05:31 PM #
But I'll try to recount this the best I can.

05:33 PM #
The day after talking to Bud, I ventured back into the crowd downtown.

05:34 PM #
His advice had SO reinvigorated me that I got brave: I dropped off a note at Thrifty Cuts telling Gwynne that I'd be starring in a movie

05:35 PM #
filming near Wall St. that day, one which would clarify what she saw me doing with Larry Morgan.

05:36 PM #
I suspected it would fall on deaf ears, since she'd proven herself to be something of a blank. Tragically. But I owed her a chance.

05:41 PM #
So that morning I put THE SUIT back on, even though it had been the target of so much derision lately.

05:42 PM #
But in deference to Bud's love of theatricality, I bought something to balance it out: a huge striped Cat-in-the-Hat hat.

05:42 PM #
THAT would attract attention, by God.