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Heckler4Truth - Thu Oct 27 2011

07:01 PM #
My target: the Show of Support being held downtown.

07:02 PM #
Let me explain.

07:12 PM #
Our very important local politicians who thought they needed to tell people that they Get It, were going to tell us that, well, they Get It.

07:14 PM #
It was going to be ridiculous, of course. I knew it. A big, gaudy passion play.

07:14 PM #
They wanted to stand up there and make unqualified promises about their HIGHLY qualified support.

07:14 PM #
Bread, circuses, music, tears, and smiles. And me. And many thousands of other humans.

07:14 PM #
Oh, and Tina.

07:18 PM #
When I got there I saw that the Mayor, the City Council, and a handful of national political types were on the stage, pretending to like us.

07:19 PM #
When I finally found Bud, I told him to keep his cameras primed -- that I'd be ready for my close-up that day.

07:20 PM #
Bud seemed a tad distracted by hugeness of the crowd, but he gave me one his (truly) winning smiles and a solid thumbs-up.

07:22 PM #
In back of the Mayor was an 'a capella' chorus:

07:23 PM #
About three dozen sweater-clad young people, cheerful, willing, multicultural in an acceptable proportion.

07:24 PM #
Nearby, waiting to speak, were all manner of dignitaries: Secretaries of this and that, and a whole gaggle of business CEOs who GOT IT.

07:25 PM #
Some of the very overlords of the planet, lined up like ducks in a row for me, now, at the absolute height of my powers. SWEET.

07:25 PM #
Then I saw him.

07:26 PM #

07:26 PM #
The Reverend Casual-Neat!