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Heckler4Truth - Wed Nov 02 2011

07:37 PM #
It was true after all: I was competing against him for Bud's attention!

07:38 PM #
Wiley, wiley Bud, I thought. Pitting us against each other. That magnificent bastard!

07:39 PM #
The Rev once again cut a great figure: as handsome as they come in that early-stage grey eminence way, respectable, neat as a pin.

07:40 PM #
AND this time in full clerical collar! What a sneak.

07:40 PM #
And this time he was accompanied by members of his congregation, numbering about a dozen.

07:41 PM #
They all carried neatly-lettered signs, and looked PERFECT: young and old, black and white, kindly people with sincere, shining eyes.

07:42 PM #
Straight from central casting. Talk about props!

07:44 PM #
"Casual-Neat, you shifty sonofabitch," I thought.