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Heckler4Truth - Sat Nov 12 2011

08:21 AM #
Besides my extreme distaste for RevCaNeat outshining me (SONOFABITCH), there's something more at stake here:

08:23 AM #
The Rev will be outwitted and ultimately co-opted by this very clever politician. That is a certainty.

08:24 AM #
The day will be lost.

08:25 AM #
And more importantly, I will miss my chance to magnify my message to the world.

08:26 AM #
(I can see Bud out of the corner of my eye, directing one of his small crew to focus on the Mayor and the Rev. It tears me to shreds.)

08:27 AM #
So I start shouting. Mostly just variations on "Hey! Hey, hey, hey!" Dumb as a rock, suddenly.

08:29 AM #
I jump up and down, trying to get his attention. Trying to get closer. Up and down, over and over, like a deranged kangaroo.

08:30 AM #
But I'm actually falling further back in the crowd. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO JUMP PROPERLY.