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Heckler4Truth - Sun Nov 13 2011

08:37 PM #
Then I remember: Tina! Amazingly photogenic! She'll get those cameras pointed our way.

08:38 PM #
I lift her up, way over my head, and make believe she's talking to the Mayor. I use a doggie falsetto; hint of Queens accent.

08:39 PM #
"Hey! Hey hey hey! Your Honor, over here! I'm a dog, talking to you! Woof woof!"

08:39 PM #
But it's lost in all the noise and confusion. It seems like we're invisible.

08:40 PM #
How can this be? I have this big hat! So does Tina, we both have these great big striped hats, total camera-bait, funny as hell!

08:41 PM #
Oh, NO. I realize something.

08:41 PM #
It's the SUIT!