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Heckler4Truth - Tue Nov 29 2011

06:44 PM #
I look for it. But I'm too low to the ground, can't see anything but madly-shuffling feet.

06:45 PM #
It occurs to me that I must get this cop off my chest. (He seems to have decided to stay a while, maybe eat lunch there.)

06:46 PM #
But he's been surprisingly nice, talking calmly, almost comforting me.

06:46 PM #
So when he's not looking... I slug him! Hard.

06:47 PM #
I can feel my hand shoot through with pain -- I've never hit anyone before in my life, didn't expect this. Hurting people HURTS.

06:50 PM #
It serves its purpose, though. He falls backwards, I wiggle out from under him and scurry away.

06:52 PM #
And I run superhumanly FAST, don't know how I'm doing it. (Or does it just feel that way because I've never run naked before?) FAST, though.

06:52 PM #
My eyes are laser beams, scanning, scanning as I run.

06:54 PM #
I see an opening, course correct 30 degrees, double my already amazing speed (really, I am The Flash), and...

06:54 PM #
I bound up onstage.