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Heckler4Truth - Thu Dec 01 2011

08:58 AM #
I look around wildly. Find it! Find Bud's camera! Hurry, you're on borrowed time!

09:00 AM #
...Ah, there it is. That blessed universal eye. There's that tiny window to this vast world! Ready to transmit ME everywhere.

09:01 AM #
And there's good ol' Bud and his crew. Bud's looking at me, smiling that magic grin. Hooray!

09:03 AM #
He gives me a thumbs-up meaning "This is it! This is YOUR TIME. Work your wizardry for the world. It needs you, man!"

09:03 AM #
("It sure does," I silently agree.)

07:10 PM #
I also see T.V. news cameras swinging in my direction. Seems that not only am I invisible no longer, but I am *aggressively* visible.

07:11 PM #
I am the focus. Of everything. FINALLY.

07:11 PM #
Everyone on the planet will soon hear my Truth.

07:12 PM #
So, as I've done many thousands of times before, I take a deep breath, and...

07:12 PM #
I have no idea what to say.

07:12 PM #
What was my point, again?

07:13 PM #
....cripes, HURRY, I think, the fact that you're naked can't hold their interest forever, much as you'd like to believe that.

07:14 PM #
I look down and get distracted -- it's absolute bedlam. Global dignitaries and corporate czars are being

07:15 PM #
huddled and hustled away by their babysitters, with true fear in their eyes.

07:18 PM #
Be-sweatered young a cappella people still trying in vain to keep with their song: "MAKE IT THERE...MAKE IT AN-Y-WHERE!"

07:22 PM #
Cops snapping into full battle mode now, a phalanx swinging their sticks ruthlessly.

07:22 PM #
Anarchists going out of their minds, jumping, kicking, throwing whatever they can get their hands on, mostly getting pummelled.

07:23 PM #
Everyone getting pummelled. Everyone going out of their goddamned minds. Gas, pepper, the smell of sulphur I think, I swear...

07:24 PM #
A thought comes to me unbidden: "Everyone wants compassion. So few offer it."

07:25 PM #
....Ugh! Sentimental pseudo-Buddhist greeting card crap, just static entering my brain. This is no time to get contemplative -- wake up!

07:25 PM #
Another breath, deeper this time, and...

07:25 PM #

07:26 PM #
Nothing's coming from Nowhere.

07:26 PM #
I am frozen.

07:27 PM #
After what seems like hours, Bud shakes his head, annoyed. He turns the camera away, to film the increasingly mayhem.

07:27 PM #
It's too late now. It's over.

07:27 PM #
I've... forgotten something.

07:28 PM #
Then I see my hat on the ground, my wonderful silly hat, which the camera surely would love. THAT's what I forgot? No...

07:29 PM #
No, my hat's on my head, I can feel it up there. That hat is smaller. Sized for a small child, or a... pet? Oh no...

07:30 PM #
Then something conks me in the back of the head. My legs turn to jelly, and crazy-beautiful colors dance in front of my eyes.

07:30 PM #
Through them -- is that Gwynne, in the distance? She came after all!!

07:31 PM #, must be a mirage. I'll enjoy it anyway.

07:31 PM #
The colors swirl over Gwynne's image, and I recede...