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Heckler4Truth - Tue Dec 20 2011

09:37 PM #
I write this days later.

09:38 PM #
After nearly a week straight of jails, courtrooms, and hospitals, I stumble to my apartment exhausted, filthy, defeated.

09:39 PM #
Waiting for me: Blinky.

09:41 PM #
From his apartment, Blinky's deafening TV plays a movie where (apparently) the LOUDEST ALIENS IN THE UNIVERSE have landed to scream at us.

09:43 PM #
Still, the huge piston sounds I hear in my head when Blinky starts his specialty -- blinking -- drown all else out.

09:48 PM #
*BLINKBLINKSQUINTBLINK* "So... I saw you on the news." *BLINKSQUINT* x 1000.

09:48 PM #
I am, to say the least, wary. "Oh?"

09:49 PM #

09:50 PM #

09:51 PM #
I detect no sarcasm. In fact, Blinky... puts his hand on my shoulder. "You OK?" *HUGESTBLINKEVER*

09:51 PM #
I am not. The whole experience washes over me, and I weep like a fool. Blinky stands with me, blinks a million times, and comforts me.

09:52 PM #
I don't understand anything.