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wausauloner - Fri Jun 17 2011

08:28 AM #
I never did pick up that North Sea oil platform's radio signal, the one the other guys heard. I guess I'm not a natural hammer. #zombies

08:31 AM #
There was a zombie in my neighborhood this morning. It was still wearing most of a business suit. I dropped it with my bow and arrow.

09:23 AM #
Word from the crews salvaging stuff from the original Z-Day traffic jams is that they've worked the edges as far as they safely can...

09:26 AM #
It's going to take securing areas adjacent to the highways to get deeper into the parts of Wausau where the zombies are thicker. Not easy.

10:32 AM #
It sounds like the highway teams are going to support the new seek-and-destroy units, scrounging in areas as they're cleared of zombies.

10:35 AM #
Real progress is being made in the westernmost parts of the Wausau metro area, but we have a long way to go before being rid of the zombies.

12:49 PM #
@Autumnbuck Metro area was 100k. Plus a few thousand commuter workers and several thousand in the traffic jams. Some made it out. 90k+ Zs?

12:57 PM #
@Autumnbuck It would be easier to blow everything up, but we need resources, shelter, tech to rebuild. We want our civilization back!

01:03 PM #
Kurt & May have been working with the seek-and-destroy teams, helping train newbies who haven't had direct combat experience with zombies.

01:06 PM #
They've both become good archers (esp. May), and they're pretty good with other weapons, too. Kurt's Civil War museum-piece sabre is deadly.

01:06 PM #
@Autumnbuck Two dozen or so most days.

01:09 PM #
I'd stand side-by-side with Kurt & May in any fight against the zombies, any time. We've been through a lot together already. #zompocalypse

03:10 PM #
My solar system's batteries are topped off again. Looks like replacing the problem car batteries worked. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:21 PM #
Just overheard on one of the salvaged ham radios: "...evacuation of Tasmania forced by repeated outbreaks. Zombies adrift from mainland..."

08:24 PM #
That's all there was. Too much interference from "the hum" to hear more. So I guess the zombies hit Australia bad, too. #zompocalypse