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wausauloner - Sat Jun 25 2011

07:09 AM #
Busy in my neighbors' abandoned gardens today. Two days of sun after all the recent rain has the weeds out of control. Shorty is my lookout.

11:12 AM #
I found an old scythe in a barn awhile back. I thought I might turn it into a weapon to use against the zombies, but never worked on it.

11:15 AM #
I've been using it to cut some clear paths through the fields of weeds that used to be my neighborhood's lawns. Hard work, but worth it.

11:18 AM #
It makes my home base safer in two ways: first, by removing tall grass and weeds that could obscure the presence of an approaching zombie...

11:21 AM #
...And second, by getting rid of a potential fire hazard. There is no fire department to come to your rescue in the zompocalypse.

01:52 PM #
This is HARD work. I'd much rather be using a heavy duty weed cutter for this job, but the noise would have zombies swarming in.

07:55 PM #
Tonight on the ham radio: A man is reading poems to his wife. I don't think anyone is on the other end of the conversation. #zompocalypse

08:15 PM #
This is very sad.