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wausauloner - Sun Jun 26 2011

06:09 AM #
My new fish trap is ready to go back into the Wisconsin River behind my fortified home, but the river is still too high and fast. #zombies

08:14 AM #
The refugees from down south said that the cannibal raiders they escaped from had started to talk about risking a trip toward Wausau...

08:17 AM #
Evidently, the fear of getting near the place where the zombies first rose is being overcome by the need to find food and fuel.

08:20 AM #
Sooner or later, word will get out about the supplies left behind in that first panicked day--and of the farms and lives we've rebuilt.

08:23 AM #
But the people here won't give up what they've won back from the zombies without a fight. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:05 PM #
I heard a few clicks on the ham radio frequency the survivors at Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant and I agreed to use to make contact on.

08:08 PM #
I clicked back with the code we said meant "On air, but bot ready to talk yet." Their continued safety, like ours, depends on secrecy.