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wausauloner - Sun Jul 03 2011

07:05 AM #
I'm with the Farm Colony seek-and-destroy zombie-killing team today. It's day two of a job out by the industrial park off 72nd Ave. #zombies

07:08 AM #
Yesterday, they used the parking lot of a flooring manufacturer as a kill-zone for local zombies, luring them in with noise and human bait.

07:11 AM #
They took out about 20 zombies in the area, then burned the bodies. They're shifting down the road to Fiskar's for today's repeat action.

07:14 AM #
But first, I'm checking out the pile where the zombies were burned to look for evidence of someone harvesting rings and jewelry again.

08:02 AM #
Sure enough, some zombie arms "accidentally" left out of the fire as bait were noticed by our unknown visitors: Fingers & rings are missing.

09:22 AM #
I'm now fairly sure someone's been shadowing our zombie-killing operations, moving in after the kills to collect valuables from the bodies.

09:25 AM #
With today's operation wrapping up, it's time to find out who. I'm going to find some cover and wait to see who shows up. #zompocalypse

10:07 AM #
I dropped into some nearby woods while the rest of the zombie-fighters packed up and left. I'm hoping nobody saw me duck in here.

12:02 PM #
From my hiding spot in the woods, I can clearly see the abandoned Fiskar's factory parking lot. The zombie pile is just about burned out.

12:05 PM #
A few curious undead have wandered in, late for the party. They haven't noticed me hiding in these dark woods. #zombies #zompocalypse

01:11 PM #
I'm bored, sitting here, waiting...I wish Shorty were with me but I had Kurt leave with her in my truck to make any watcher think I left.

01:33 PM #
Hold on...I think I saw someone moving between abandoned cars. Definitely not the slow shamble of a zombie. They're using cover, advancing.

01:36 PM #
I think it's a kid.

01:41 PM #
The kid is 12, maybe a little older. It's hard to tell. Kids "age" faster in the aftermath of the zombies' rise and civilization's fall.

01:47 PM #
The kid is pretty good with an axe. He just waited for one of the recently arrived zombies to lunge at him and put it right in its forehead.

02:01 PM #
The kid is wiry, and strong for his size and thin stature. He's wearing tattered camouflage pants, raggedy sneakers, and some...ornaments.

02:04 PM #
It looks like he's wearing a lot of jewelry on his wrists & around his neck. It's got to be heavy, but he finished the last zombies easily.

02:10 PM #
He's checking out the downed zombies and the fire. No others have arrived. I think it's time for me to come out of hiding.

03:03 PM #
Well, I talked to the kid. He almost ran as soon as he saw me, but I was holding a rifle and he wasn't, not that I threatened him. #zombies

03:06 PM #
He said his name was Jason. He wasn't very talkative, and was very guarded. He kept eying my weapons. I told him I didn't want the jewelry.

03:09 PM #
"Money's no good. This is," he said while holding up a string of gold braid at his neck. It was run through what had to be over a 100 rings.

03:12 PM #
He added his newly found treasure to the chain while we talked. Well, mostly I talked. I think he lives alone, so I told him about the Farms

03:15 PM #
This kid must have been living alone, or mostly alone (I still don't know for sure), since the zombies rose 20 months ago.

03:18 PM #
I guess he would have been about 10 when the zombie outbreak occurred. I complimented him on his obvious stealth and combat skills.

03:21 PM #
He also said he was fast. He was bragging like a little kid on a playground. Then he ran, and I didn't even try to catch him.

03:30 PM #
@grork Good question. Wish I knew.

04:12 PM #
That kid, Jason, hasn't returned. If he's playing a game of hide & seek, I'm not playing. Time to find a bike or working car and get home.

06:01 PM #
I'm home safe. Time to call up the other local survivors on our secure, salvaged law enforcement radio network to tell them about Jason.

06:40 PM #
We're all in agreement: Jason probably isn't a threat. He hasn't gone feral, but we should try to help him back into what remains of society