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wausauloner - Mon Jul 04 2011

06:29 AM #
The calendar says it is July 4th. I hope there's someplace, somewhere, that is still celebrating the nation we used to be. #zompocalypse

08:32 AM #
The seek-and-destroy zombie-killing team from the Farm Colonies is working in the same industrial area again today. Shorty and I are helping

12:11 PM #
We think Jason is nearby, watching. We've gathered all the jewelry from the 15 zombies downed today and put it in a pile, with some food.

09:05 PM #
Trouble at the Colony Farms, where most local survivors of the zombie outbreak now live: Some kids made homemade fireworks. It went badly.

09:08 PM #
They set their fireworks--which mostly just went BOOM outside the farms' perimeter. One of the kids was burnt bad and may lose a hand.

09:11 PM #
Given the resources she has to work with in her post-apocalyptic infirmary, Sue doubts the kid will survive the trauma of his burns.

09:14 PM #
The noisy homemade fireworks also attracted a zombie that had wandered close to the Farms' patrolled perimeter. There was a close call.