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wausauloner - Fri Jul 08 2011

06:25 AM #
Woke up this morning to a terrible stench floating thru my window. A waterlogged zombie had crawled up from the river near to my main wall.

06:28 AM #
The zombie's naked, pale gray flesh was puffy in some parts, shredded in others. An easy kill once I got close. Had to hold my breath.

06:56 AM #
@LuckySenior Early on, yes. Deer. A frog. Livestock. But no longer. It was like the plague was testing different species. Very strange, eh?

08:02 AM #
I'm at the site of yesterday's zombie-clearing operation. The Colony Farms' crew has moved on to the next factory in the industrial park.

08:05 AM #
Jason isn't making me wait at all today: He was here waiting for me, cleaning off a ring he claimed from one of the downed zombies.

08:08 AM #
I've been trying to learn how this semi-feral kid survived the zompocalypse for the past 20 months. He's 12, tops. And seemingly alone.

08:39 AM #
Yesterday, Jason saw me tweeting. I told him how @ProfPierson's arrangements and The Anomaly's weakness between worlds lets my tweets "out."

08:42 AM #
He didn't believe my tweets reached another world where zombies don't exist, so I invited followers to prove him wrong. He's still curious.

08:45 AM #
He ran off when some of the tweets got to him. He realized he lost his family and was all alone. He wants me to show them to him again.

08:58 AM #
haha haha phone mine now! man too slow. knew he would not shoot. softie! i am fast fast fast!

09:02 AM #
@Azulien who r u?

09:05 AM #
@khennings dead zombies have battries

09:05 AM #
how this work?

09:17 AM #
man calling. he is angry but i hide real good. zombies not catch me. man not catch me. nobody catch me. show me internet

09:31 AM #
this fone sux. no games.

09:36 AM #
@mattress rules gone people gone cops gone

09:37 AM #
@Azulien you lucky

09:38 AM #
@arilotter i learn. i smart. i kill many zombies.

09:39 AM #
@gingerkytten show me how to call mom. she is in collorado.

09:41 AM #
@NorCalZombie silly! zombies not smart. only hunt and kill and eat.

09:42 AM #
@gingerkytten not working

09:45 AM #
@gingerkytten yes. number is at home. have to sneak there. this not work same?

09:47 AM #
you trying to fool me distrack me so man with dog find me. ha ha ha ha. i am on to you

09:53 AM #
others look for me too but they worse than man with dog. i like shorty. other dogs angry now. dont play. zombies made dogs go wild.

10:24 AM #
@khennings his freinds who come down the hill to kill zombies are looking for me now too

10:25 AM #
i am best zombie hunter. fast quiet strong sneaky beats stupid zombies.

10:37 AM #
@khennings i learn by myself because i have to

11:32 AM #
why some of you send angry tweet at me? phone mine now. finders keepers. takers keepers. dad said surfival of fittes and that is me.

11:48 AM #
@Azulien i use my axe because i am fast and zombies are slow and stupid. dad told me guns too noizy. he used gun in an ergency. he was rite.

12:11 PM #
dad buried now. made me promise.

12:14 PM #
promised to bury him

12:17 PM #
no no no no fone is mine now. i lose too much. i am rich now. should have anything i want.

12:41 PM #
dad stopped zombies in house from his weelchair. got bit but protekted me. made me dig hole then go back inside. i promist to bury after.

01:14 PM #
i keep stove going with wood fire when cold. did all for dad. was his arms and legs he said. so i know how to do many things. i am smart.

01:17 PM #
mom and dad break up when i was little. they love me they say not my fault. dad hurt at work week before zombies came. we hid inside house.

01:21 PM #
what is rt and atmenshun? i can txt. good enuf 4u. this fone stupid. no games no music. u people not nice 2 me. my fone now. say things 2 me

01:42 PM #
@LuckySenior i did school at home with mom but she moved to collorado with new boyfriend. dad was going to be my teacher. i like ice age.

01:51 PM #
@adamhennings i find food all over you can too if you know where to look

01:51 PM #
@adamhennings a little before the zombies came

01:52 PM #
@LuckySenior dad said to. i found some games but no power so no play

02:02 PM #
this fone not magic. calls not wrk no games no internet. just this tweet thing. almost make itwork like man with dog did. where funny a key?

02:30 PM #
hi schooler boy with big nife and girl with spear come close but not see me. they with man with dog lots so he close. hide hide hide.

02:37 PM #
fone beeped. battery low. cant let zombies or others hear.

02:54 PM #
batteries from fones in zombie pockets not work at all. this fone dying. it sux.

02:59 PM #
soon all you who tell me to give it back give it back will talk to nobody. you be lonely like me.