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wausauloner - Fri Aug 19 2011

05:01 AM #
Since first light, I've been watching the home I think I saw Jason in last night. It paid off: he just slipped out and took off at a jog.

05:03 AM #
I'm not going to attempt to follow him to his real home, but at least now I know where he stays when he's hanging around here. #zompocalypse

06:10 AM #
I looked through the house Jason was using. I'd been in it before so I looked for any alterations Jason made. None, except in the attic.

06:13 AM #
Jason made a nest of blankets and curtains up in the attic. If I hadn't been thorough, I wouldn't have known to look there. #zompocalypse

06:16 AM #
On several emergency occasions, I'd hidden out from zombies in the attic of an abandoned home myself. It appears Jason uses them regularly.

08:41 AM #
I am planting some late season frost-resistant kale in my gardens' empty patches so that I'll have plenty of greens well into fall. #zombies

10:14 AM #
Some of the Babcock survivors went back to their original enclave for some things to bring back to their new home in the Farm Colonies...

10:17 AM #
...They are back now and had an interesting report, which was just relayed to me over the secure sheriff's department radios that we use:

10:20 AM #
...The Babcock people approached their old base carefully--and it was good that they did--and spied a couple Reaper scouts checking it out.

10:23 AM #
The Reaper scouts were carefully going through the burned vehicles their earlier attack column left behind, then poked around the buildings.

10:26 AM #
...The Babcock people heard the scouts argue about the dangers of heading further north. The one who advised against it won, and they left.

10:29 AM #
...So it sounds like, for now at least, the danger of an immediate visit by more Reapers looking for the first group is unlikely. Whew.

02:23 PM #
Did some practice with my bow. My chest tolerated a few draws. I've got to keep my skills up because the zombies await.