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wausauloner - Sun Aug 21 2011

08:38 AM #
Just got a call on the radio from Sue...Jason just showed up at the main Farm Colony and is with his new friends. Apparently, he ran there.

08:41 AM #
Based on the general idea of where we think he lives, he had to have run at least 10 miles to get to the Farm Colony, maybe much farther.

08:44 AM #
...And if he ran the route I drove with him (likely, since he kept calling out the road signs as I drove), it's probably more like 20 miles.

08:47 AM #
We're all much fitter and athletic after nearly 2 years of a hardscrabble life in the zompocalypse, but that kid must be part deer.

10:07 AM #
@grork heh. My truck (and the other vehicles I occasionally use) was the first thing I checked. Mph? We don't know what time he started out.

11:25 AM #
@grork no kidding. Why not bike?

11:44 AM #
I've been watching Kurt and May fight the occasional zombie on our scrounging run today. Well, "fight" is the wrong word, really.

11:47 AM #
It's more of a routine for them now. I mean, Jason's become very good with his saber, but it's not flashy. It's just business. #zompocalypse

11:50 AM #
May's equally good with her spear. If there's a clear shot, she drives the point into the zombie's brain. If not, she sets up the Z for Kurt

12:28 PM #
Should have said KURT is getting very good with his saber. Jason uses a hatchet. The mystery surrounding that kid has his name on my brain.