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wausauloner - Mon Aug 22 2011

06:17 AM #
Jason's here. He stayed over at the Farm Colonies last night, so he must have taken off at first light. He brought "his" cat some toys.

06:20 AM #
He also brought a tennis ball for Shorty. Shorty has become a more serious dog since the zombies rose, but she still always plays with kids.

06:23 AM #
I asked Jason how far he usually runs. He shrugged and said he runs as far as he needs to. As for why he doesn't take a bike...

06:26 AM #
He said he likes bicycles but that bikes aren't good at going some places where he goes. "On a street, bikes go two ways. I can go any way!"

07:32 AM #
Jason asked if he could help Kurt, May, and me on our scrounging run today, and we said yes. We know he's capable of taking care of himself.

09:13 AM #
Jason's been holding back, standing by me on overwatch duty while Kurt and May made sure the first few houses were clear of zombies.

09:16 AM #
Now he wants to take "his turn" and show us how he clears a house. He's just a 12-year-old kid, but he's obviously good at it, so we're game

10:01 AM #
Jason started checking out the house we're at by sniffing at the doors and windows for the scent of decay--just like Shorty does for me.

10:04 AM #
I could tell by the way he held his hatchet that he figured a zombie was inside. He tried the door and found it unlocked--often a bad sign.

10:07 AM #
Jason pushed open the door and backed up rapidly. Sure enough, a zombie came lurching out, followed by another, and then a third...

10:10 AM #
I held my .22 ready to fire. Both Kurt and May shifted their feet in readiness to help out if needed. But Jason showed no fear, no panic.

10:13 AM #
He slowly backpedaled away from the advancing zombies, leading them down the street, their differing degrees of mobility spreading them out.

10:16 AM #
Suddenly, he moved at the closest zombie, then darted to the left. It overpursued and Jason reversed direction, spinning from the Z's reach.

10:19 AM #
Jason used the momentum of his spin to smash the hatchet he held in his outstretched hand directly into the side of the zombie's head.

10:22 AM #
The zombie kept going, unguided, as Jason twisted his hatchet free & shoved the faltering Z past him. The hole in its skull bled black goo.

10:25 AM #
We knew the first zombie was done. Already, the infected brain within its skull was steaming away as it oxidized from contact with the air.

10:28 AM #
Jason took out the 2nd zombie, which was a little less mobile, by tripping it & caving in its skull from behind. Then the 3rd Z shuffled in.

10:31 AM #
The last zombie came at Jason with its arms outstretched. Jason moved at it once, twice--each time backing off again, just out of reach.

10:34 AM #
The zombie reacted to Jason's feints by grabbing at him with almost comedic alligator arms. When they crossed the third time, Jason struck:

10:37 AM #
The kid moved in on the zombie, pushing down on its crossed forearms with his left hand as he brought his right around & down in a big arc.

10:40 AM #
The hatchet crashed hard into the zombie's forehead between its dead eyes. Jason held his weapon as the falling Z's weight pulled it free.

11:24 AM #
Jason's display was a little showy. But he's definitely fast and agile on his feet, with some practiced moves and great natural reflexes.

11:27 AM #
May asked Jason how he became such a good zombie fighter. The kid thought about it for a few seconds and said something profoundly true...

11:30 AM #
He said: "Zombies forget they have to catch you before they can eat you. I make them hungrier and stupider and then I make them deader."

04:33 PM #
Done scrounging for the day. Jason is intensely into the fair distribution of the day's collected salvage. He's coming around, socially.