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wausauloner - Sat Sep 10 2011

05:42 AM #
The burned teenager is still alive, tho probably not for long. The people at his bedside are now armed, ready for the worst. #zompocalypse

05:45 AM #
The poor kid was on a high school football fan bus stuck in traffic on I39 when the zombie outbreak began. He was exposed to The Anomaly.

05:48 AM #
We don't know if his exposure to The Anomaly was close enough or long enough for him to contract the "sleeper" version of the zombie plague.

05:51 AM #
...and we won't know until he dies. If he starts to show signs of reanimation after death, someone from his family will do what must be done

10:12 AM #
The burned teenager died. A few minutes after he stopped breathing, the body started to move again and its dead eyes opened. #zompocalypse

10:17 AM #
An older brother was ready. He put a .22 round into the head of the zombie, ruining its brain and stopping the beast in mid-snarl.

02:01 PM #
The body of the burned teenager was burned after a short funeral service. Burning is standard procedure when our dead become undead. #zombie