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wausauloner - Wed Sep 14 2011

06:11 AM #
The scouts heading into cranberry bog country left at dawn, taking paths around the dangerous zombie concentrations around Mosinee.

06:14 AM #
The zombie numbers are still very high there, almost 2 years after the refugee camp there became the site of a secondary zombie outbreak.

06:17 AM #
We've considered trying to reduce the zombie population there, but decided they are a good "natural" barrier against organized raiders.

01:19 PM #
All the scout teams have checked in safely from Pete's outer early warning outposts, the extent of "friendly" territory. #zompocalypse

01:22 PM #
After informing the survivors at the outposts about their mission, the scouts will head out into parts of the state we know little about.

02:32 PM #
.@jer051 if the weather is the same in my world as in yours, you have my undying (maybe literally) gratitude!