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wausauloner - Fri Sep 16 2011

08:12 AM #
We hit all the mapped fruit trees we've been keeping track of, but just by driving around we find more. It's zompocalypse sight-seeing.

11:21 AM #
We picked a few fruit trees in a yard outside a home with a sad scene inside. Two people died within the house, probably that first winter.

11:24 AM #
There were two corpses huddled together under blankets inside a tent in the house's living room. They might have died from hunger, thirst...

11:27 AM #
...maybe even cold. I think they froze to death. It looks like they did all they could to add layers between themselves & the cold outside.

11:30 AM #
...They did all the right things, but without a source of heat in the house other than their own bodies, they couldn't survive deep winter.

02:53 PM #
@mattress @firsthour Yeah, we were on the far east side of Wausau, miles from the anomaly. So they were dead-dead.