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wausauloner - Sun Sep 18 2011

07:33 AM #
Another day of "all hands on deck" in the fields. This is the boring, hard work of living in the zompocalypse. It isn't what I saw in movies

10:23 AM #
Meals have been hearty lately, with extra helpings all around. It's the result of using up frost-damaged beans, tomatoes, etc. in stews.

10:40 AM #
.@jer051 The birds have helped sustain us, and so have fish, but not from Lake Michigan. We're too far away from there.

10:42 AM #
.@jer051 Though the survivors I met last fall who live on the shores of Lake Michigan depend on the lake for food to a large extent.

10:42 AM #
@grork We're more prepared than last year. Things are improving!

10:55 AM #
I've eaten so much (mostly) bean soup that I'd be a danger to myself & others if I tried to go out hunting zombies right now. #zompocalypse

10:58 AM #
Seriously, most everyone is sporting a little pot-belly this afternoon. The more recent arrivals from less fortunate areas are in heaven.