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wausauloner - Thu Oct 13 2011

01:12 AM #
We've found three zombies in the swamp, but so far no sign of the kidnapper or Lindsey Marie. The zombies' trails make tracking difficult.

02:01 AM #
It's cold and wet out here. Shivering. Maybe being tied to her kidnapper's torso like a baby in a sling will keep Lindsey Marie warm.

02:06 AM #
Fingers numbb. Hoping the kidnapper is keeping Lindsey Marie warm enough to stave off exposure, but afraid to think of what he took her for.

05:13 AM #
Getting light. It's been a frustrating, dangerous few hours. But the zombie hazard will be less now and we can cover ground more easily soon

06:41 AM #
More searchers are here, but there's SO much ground to cover & travel is SLOW. We're checking every hiding spot in swampy, thick brush

07:44 AM #
Another search party nearby heard a cry from Lindsey Marie. Our guy wearing a deerhunting in-ear radio relayed the message. On alert now.

08:15 AM #
The deerhunting radios are helping our search teams converge. We're in position, hiding, hoping the kidnapper comes into sight.

08:31 AM #
A sighting! The kidnapper was spotted with binocs, sneaking low & fast, holding a hand over Lindsey Marie's mouth so she can't cry out again

08:34 AM #
The kidnapper is heading right for an adjacent search team's hidden position. They may get the drop on him...

09:00 AM #
We see him! Or rather, flashes of Lindsey Marie's muddy white dress, appearing briefly between clumps of distant brush. Too far from us...

09:05 AM #
The kidnapper stopped...he sees some of our people now, blocking his path. Caught, he's dropped his hand from Lindsey Marie's mouth...

09:10 AM #
Lindsey Marie's arms and legs are flopping wildly as the kidnapper keeps moving, bobbing, trying not to be an easy target for a sniper.

09:11 AM #
We can make out enough of what he's yelling to know he's threatening to kill Lindsey Marie if we don't let him go. But something's wrong...

09:14 AM #
Her body is limp, hanging in the impromptu harness he made to carry her tied to his chest. No, wait, he has a knife. She's started squirming

09:17 AM #
Two of the men I'm with are trying to get his head centered in their rifle scopes. But they're afraid to shoot unless he stops moving.

09:22 AM #
One of the men with a scoped rifle just set his rifle down. Now he's dropped it and has fallen to his knees, slack-jawed. Now crying.

09:23 AM #
Between sobs: "That son of a bitch smothered her." ...but we can all still see her struggling against the kidnapper's ropes....oh god no...

09:26 AM #
...she's dead. That little angel with the beautiful voice is dead. Lindsey Marie must have had the latent infection...she reanimated.

09:29 AM #
The kidnapper doesn't know yet. He just feels her body struggle under his arm against his chest, bound there, his knife at her neck...

09:32 AM #
She bit him. The kidnapper's hand got too he sees...and he knows he is doomed, too...he's cut the rope...shoving her away...

09:35 AM #
But the zombie that now inhabits poor little Lindsey Marie's body has tasted flesh--his flesh--and it wants more. Two shots...

09:38 AM #
Lindsey Marie's mother appeared from the kidnapper's right. She shot what used to be her daughter in the head, then the man who killed her.

09:41 AM #
His wound was meant to kill, but not quickly--a gut-shot. More when I get close.

09:53 AM #
The kidnapper is on the ground, surrounded by a growing crowd of people. Panicking? No, LAUGHING! ...Staring at his wounds, mostly the hand.

09:56 AM #
He's begun reciting some twisted Reaper prayer. He's one of those damn cultists, alright. He thinks this is his Rapture. Done, he smiles...

09:59 AM #
He sneers at Lindsey Marie's mother. "You're brat was one of you, The Doomed...I knew it. I knew Anon would want her singing for him..."

10:02 AM #
Lindsey Marie's mother smashed his teeth in with a rifle butt before the kidnapper could describe any of his or his leader's plans...

10:05 AM #
He spat out blood & teeth, looked at Lindsey Marie's body, & showed a bloody, grimacing smile. His body shuddered, near death...and undeath.

10:08 AM #
Sputtering blood: "The change comes! And with it, I enter heaven!" Lindsey Marie's mother put her gun to his forehead, said "No," and shot.