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wausauloner - Tue Oct 18 2011

07:59 AM #
Jason & I are killing two birds with one stone today: We're sweeping the northernmost part of the area I try to keep clear of zombies and...

08:02 AM #
...and we're also collecting baby furniture from a home in that area that I remember having a lot of baby stuff in it. #zompocalypse

08:05 AM #
I remember seeing a freshly painted and decorated baby's room in this house when I searched it for food & supplies many months ago...

08:08 AM #
The house was abandoned then and everything looked brand new. The furniture and bedding is dusty now, but it'll clean up well. #zombies

09:50 AM #
We've loaded up a crib and a few other things (including the haul from a baby shower) for Kurt and May and their baby. #zombie #zompocalypse

09:53 AM #
It's sad, knowing the family that lived here didn't survive the rise of the zombies. At least now their stuff will be put to good use.

10:41 AM #
We're at Kurt and May's house...along with several other groups who were out scrounging today from the Farm Colonies. Hehe, I count 4 cribs.

10:44 AM #
Sue is among those from the Farm Colonies here to congratulate (and bring gifts to) Kurt and May. She has confirmed may is 3 months along.

12:17 PM #
@jer051 I grabbed a bunch of books like that (and some on medicinal herbs, that whole kind of thing) awhile back for Sue and her assistants.

12:21 PM #
@jer051 Sue has delivered several babies since the zombies rose, though fewer lately. One of her assistants self-trained in midwifery.

01:14 PM #
Another crib and six-month supply of diapers has arrived for Kurt and May. This time, from Kurt's parents' enclave near Amherst.

02:21 PM #
Things have gotten quite circus-like at Kurt and May's house. Last I checked, Jason was leading an anti-zombie patrol. Sue and I snuck off.