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wausauloner - Wed Oct 19 2011

06:40 AM #
Things got crazy at Kurt & May's house yesterday. Sure, plenty of babies have been born since the zombies rose, but they're a popular couple

06:43 AM #
May, a Wausau native, joined the original survivor group taking shelter atop Rib Mountain in the first days of the zombie uprising...

06:46 AM #
Kurt lived with his parents in the enclave north of Amherst before setting off on a noisy Harley to make a name for himself fighting zombies

06:49 AM #
He was young and hot-headed. He thought his comic-store samurai sword would let him dispatch zombies easily, but his bike attracted too many

06:52 AM #
Fortunately, I was nearby to lend a hand when his sword quickly bent & broke. After that day, he learned quickly and became a good fighter.

06:55 AM #
The two became an item after being on a search party (looking for me--long story). We've fought enemies together, alive & dead, ever since.

09:45 AM #
A few other scrounging groups have found excuses to stop by Kurt & May's house with baby gifts, but things are settling down now. #zombies

09:48 AM #
Sue wisely suggested we host a lunch inside my secure anti-zombie walls to take some of the pressure off of May, so we're having a fish boil

09:51 AM #
Jason is playing host for the out-of-towners, showing them my layered anti-zombie defenses, etc. These are all people we know, so it's cool.

10:25 AM #
Lunch is an eclectic collection of what I have on hand. It's anchored by fresh fish boiled with potatoes & carrots we dug up this morning.

11:12 AM #
It's strange, hosting what's a cook-out here at my home. Just out of sight and earshot, across the river, are thousands of zombies. Bizarre!

11:15 AM #
If it weren't for our weapons and the lack of noise--we speak in hushed tones and don't have music playing--it could almost be 2008 again.

12:11 PM #
Kurt & May are heading back across I39 to the home they've made on the north side of Mosinee Hill soon. Other visitors are packing up, too.

01:33 PM #
Talking with Sue as we clean up... Yes, there's concern about May's baby developing near the Anomaly. Sue will keep an eye on how things go.

01:51 PM #
Sue is heading up to make a housecall atop Rib Mountain, where one of the people monitoring Ham radio broadcasts is sick. #zompocalypse

02:55 PM #
Just got a call from the Mosinee survivor group on the secure law enforcement radio net: There's a man in a boat on the river. #zompocalypse

02:58 PM #
It's a strange boat with an oversize boiler mounted on it. They don't know how it got past some rapids, but it did. It's heading my way.

05:15 PM #
I've been watching for that boat to show up on the Wisconsin River behind my home. No sign of it. Perhaps the traveler stopped downstream?

06:11 PM #
Sue came back from her house call. She and Kurt are going to help me keep a round-the-clock watch on the river. Just in case. #zompocalypse