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wausauloner - Mon Oct 24 2011

06:49 AM #
We just took a daylight tour of the grounds here before we set out again on Shawn's duck. The Fort NTC group is really fixing this place up.

06:52 AM #
It's such a large chunk of land, with high fences all around to keep zombies's just a shame so much of it is barren gravel pits.

06:55 AM #
The tour included a couple of wild areas that might be cleared for use as farmland, a project they hope to do soon if this winter is mild.

06:58 AM #
In the meantime, the land has been used as a game preserve, the buildings as homes, & the pits for storing large salvaged equipment.

08:08 AM #
Back on the water. It was good to see the Fort NTC people excited about Shawn's arrival with the duck--and May's pregnancy. #zompocalypse

08:11 AM #
The Fort NTC people are doing much better since overthrowing their despotic leaders last fall. The loyalist holdouts either left or wised up

08:14 AM #
That's good, because there had been a conflict between a scrounger team May had been on and some Fort NTC people. It was almost very bad.

08:34 AM #
We motored right past Brokaw. The place has been pretty thoroughly emptied of useful stuff by Fort NTC salvage teams. #zombies #zompocalypse

12:28 PM #
We're in Merrill, still on the river. Lots of zombies ashore, especially around Good Samaritan Health Center. The plague hit hospitals hard.

01:13 PM #
It looks like we're not going to be able to get past Merrill on the river. The wreckage of the dam just past Central Ave. is a mess.

01:16 PM #
We can't find a slope gentle enough to go ashore nearby, so we're going to head back to Wausau. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

02:02 PM #
We're mostly riding the current downstream. Shawn is conserving fuel, using just the trolling motors to steer around obstacles in the water.

02:15 PM #
Shawn found a washout that will let him bypass Merrill and get back on the river upstream. He'll head that way when he leaves us. #zombies

03:45 PM #
Back home. Tomorrow, we head downstream on the Wisconsin River. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse