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wausauloner - Fri Nov 04 2011

07:12 AM #
Saying goodbye to our friends in Mosinee. We're taking the duck up to my place, then everyone who has been on this expedition goes home.

07:15 AM #
Jason didn't wait for the duck to leave. Kurt said he ran off at first light and would see us later. The kid still seems so wild sometimes.

08:02 AM #
Everyone who has been on our duck-borne expedition is returning to their own enclaves. Those from the Farm Colonies are taking the flip cam.

08:04 AM #
Pete & some survivors who came from Mosinee want to see it. Others will analyze the heck out of it. There are things to follow up on, too.

10:30 AM #
Kurt is making May take it easy for a couple days, gently reminding her she's pregnant. She got pretty tired on our duck expedition.

02:04 PM #
Jason is back. He is being cagey. Not sure what he was up to, but it's something. He seems particularly interested in my phone again.

02:07 PM #
@CitizenDino It's easy to forget he's still a young kid, and a strange one at that, but he proved his mettle with Lindsey Marie incident.

03:01 PM #
Shawn has spent the day provisioning up for his continued journey up the river. He's leaving tomorrow morning with a couple volunteers.

03:04 PM #
Both the Farm Colonies and Fort NTC are sending someone to journey with him. Shawn is welcoming the company and added security.