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wausauloner - Mon Nov 28 2011

07:24 AM #
Checking in from the tower site south of Prentice. Zombies approached our staging area during the night. Our lookouts took care of them.

07:27 AM #
There's no telling how many zombies are in the woods around here, so before we hit Prentice, we're sweeping the countryside around our base.

07:30 AM #
One of several smaller teams is up here with me. We're scouting all the approaches to Prentice to get an idea of how many zombies are nearby

10:03 AM #
One of the scout teams had to resort to using guns already. That's something we were trying to avoid. They bugged out of their search area.

10:06 AM #
They were tasked with scouting the area around the hwys 8 and 13 interchange. Turns out there had been an impromptu refugee camp there.

10:09 AM #
The high number of zombies there means we may not be dealing with a small town's worth of undead, but perhaps many, many more. #zompocalypse

02:11 PM #
One last check-in before we go back to our base camp. Tomorrow, we start clearing zombies in earnest, beginning with the industrial park.

02:13 PM #
Two notes for the watchers in the DARPA station: 1) Let Shawn know we could use the Mallard. 2) Tell Sue some minor injuries are en route.