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wausauloner - Tue Nov 29 2011

07:03 AM #
We've got 112 fighters up here today. Most are approaching Prentice from the south. Some are guarding our base or on watch here & there.

07:06 AM #
We also have 17 dogs & trainers who've been working with them to hunt zombies. If they're half as good as Shorty is, they'll be invaluable.

07:09 AM #
The radio is crackling with reports from teams who are in position near the industrial park. Time for me to go help. #zombies #zompocalypse

10:02 AM #
The land around the industrial park on Prentice's south side is safely under our control. Time to clear the buildings. #zombie #zompocalypse

01:36 PM #
The fight at the industrial park is winding down. We had to go slow and careful amid all the wreckage of some long-ago fires. #zompocalypse

01:39 PM #
It looks like part of the industrial park was used as a refuge by many survivors early in the zompocalypse. Something must have gone wrong.

01:42 PM #
It doesn't look like there was a long-term siege around the buildings, like in Wausau at WalMart. Not enough rotting zombie bodies around.