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wausauloner - Wed Nov 30 2011

06:12 AM #
Today we're concentrating on clearing zombies out of the open areas on the east side of Prentice. That includes the airport and golf course.

06:15 AM #
We're nibbling away at the zombie-held territory slowly & carefully, using bows, bats, & blades to make sure we kill more than we attract.

10:08 AM #
Progress is steady. We're taking breaks in phases so everyone gets a chance to rest and eat. Bashing this many zombie heads is hard work.

10:11 AM #
The newly trained dogs are giving us timelier zombie warnings today. The smell of old fires threw them off yesterday, I think. #zompocalypse

02:21 PM #
With most of the "easy" parts of Prentice cleared of zombies, we spent the last couple hours piling bodies for later burning. #zompocalypse

02:23 PM #
Tomorrow we start going door to door on the main drag and in nearby residential areas. It'll be the most dangerous phase of the job yet.