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wausauloner - Fri Dec 02 2011

05:31 AM #
Yesterday's tragedy overshadowed major progress in the hard work of ridding Prentice of zombies. The school grounds and downtown are clear.

05:34 AM #
Most residential areas are now also zombie-free. Only the refugee camp to the west and the area north of the Jump River remain dangerous.

09:24 AM #
I spent the morning with Shawn on the Mallard. He piloted the duck around on the Prentice Flowage, Jump River, and Buccaneer Pond. #zombies

09:27 AM #
Our job was to clear the waterways of zombies so they don't wander out later. Shawn's hi-end fishfinder sonar made the task feasible.

09:30 AM #
Finding a zombie underwater was only the first part of the process. Once we saw one, we had to get it out of the water and spike it...

09:36 AM #
We'd snag a zombie (usually getting its attention was enough to make it want to grab the hooked end of the line), pull it out, and spike it.

09:39 AM #
We had to pull the zombies out slowly. Too quickly, and the hooks would rip out of the flesh or pull off the arm. #zombies #zompocalypse

02:14 PM #
Prentice is now fairly safe. Tomorrow we tackle the zombies wandering among hundreds of cars, campers, tents, and RVs at the refugee camp.