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wausauloner - Mon Dec 05 2011

05:35 AM #
First order of business today: The grisly work of finishing off the zombies around the site of the big fight we had during the recent storm.

05:38 AM #
While part of our force makes sure we don't get surprised from behind again, the rest will carefully check for any zombies still nearby.

05:41 AM #
Those of us who have experience working in the I39 traffic jam back in Wausau will be on point in the fields of abandoned cars & campers.

01:44 PM #
We are declaring that the refugee camp and the woods between it & Prentice are now clear of zombies! There were more left than we expected.

01:47 PM #
There were zombies trapped in vehicles and campers--even a few tangled in fallen tents. Others were still in the woods. #zompocalypse

01:50 PM #
Most of the zombies we found were underfoot--crawlers too damaged to stand. The tall grass and snow made them more dangerous than usual.

01:53 PM #
I worked with Jason & Kurt, and of course, Shorty. She warned us when we were near a crawler, whether it was under a car or buried in snow.