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wausauloner - Wed Dec 07 2011

05:25 AM #
Before we leave Prentice, we have a few things to do. Re-killing all the zombies that plagued the city was only step one. #zompocalypse

05:31 AM #
We're also burning zombie bodies today. We think the smoke might get the attention of anybody living around here who wants to make contact.

10:11 AM #
There are 19 thick black columns of smoke rising into the sky over Prentice. Each comes from a pile of debris & zombie bodies. #zompocalypse

10:14 AM #
At 100 zombie bodies to a pyre, that's already triple the original population of Prentice. And we have a long way to go with clean-up.

02:12 PM #
Thorough searches in and around Prentice turned up little in the way of food, fuel, and ammo, though we found many empty weapons. #zombies

02:15 PM #
It looks like there was quite a fight here, one the human population just wasn't equipped to win against the unrelenting undead. #zombie

02:18 PM #
We think the zombie plague erupted from a breakout in the refugee camp on the west side, then swept into the city. Probably in Nov-Dec 2009.