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wausauloner - Sat Dec 31 2011

05:49 AM #
Our outdoor woodburning system passed the test. It was nice, sleeping comfortably warm in the old brick-block service building we're using.

05:52 AM #
Shawn's cough is no worse today. No better, either. He's going to take it easy while I fine-tune the heating system and our defenses.

02:02 PM #
My accomplishments today: using foil & duct tape, I made a safer seal around the holes we cut to run water pipes in from the woodburner...

02:04 PM #
I also put corrugated tin around the furnace outside. It's not a serious wall, but it will keep passing zombies from seeing the fire's glow.

02:07 PM #
And finally, I ran a tripwire of fishing line all around our temporary quarantine hideaway. The line goes inside where it rattles a soda can