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wausauloner - Sun Jan 08 2012

05:51 AM #
Jason likes being here with me, Shawn, Shorty, and Chewie II, but he's already feeling cooped up here in the house. This will not be easy.

05:53 AM #
It's his own fault--he broke the quarantine so now he's stuck in here with us. He can't even go outside to feed "his" cat, that stray gray.

05:56 AM #
Jason and that cat have a lot in common: they both survived on their own through the rise of the zombies and the many months since.

12:25 PM #
Well, one thing about having Jason here with us: We don't need to rely on the CB to catch up on the events of the last month or so. #zombies

12:28 PM #
Of course, hearing everything relayed through the point of view of a once semi-feral 12-year-old boy puts an interesting spin on things.