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wausauloner - Mon Jan 16 2012

06:34 AM #
Today, Kurt is trying to get close enough to that truck that took out part of the highway fence. Someone may have survived the wreck.

06:36 AM #
He said there was a clump of zombies hanging around the truck, and signs of...feeding.

07:23 AM #
Kurt should be near the site of the truck crash by now. It's just west of the Sunrise Drive overpass on 29. He took a portable CB.

08:12 AM #
Kurt called in. He said he saw three fresh and mostly eaten zombies near the truck. The cab was big enough to hold 4, maybe up to 6 people.

08:16 AM #
The back of the truck is still packed with gear & supplies, tho some spilled in the crash. If anybody survived, they abandoned their stuff.

08:18 AM #
There were far too many zombies nearby for Kurt to get close. He is going to try to lead them away, then double back to a nearby safehouse.

12:31 PM #
Kurt is calling from inside the safehouse. It's one we set up in that area for the view it commanded of Highway 29. He's close to the truck.

12:35 PM #
He says the truck's windshield was smashed & pulled out. Frozen smears of blood discolor the white paint job. Inside: another fresh zombie.

12:37 PM #
...but the passenger door is open. Zombies aren't smart enough to use door handles, so somebody got out. Maybe they got away. #zombies

02:02 PM #
Kurt found evidence of a small fire in the fireplace of a home nearby. Someone did get away from the zombies after the crash!

02:05 PM #
It will be dark soon. Kurt is going to swing our way--close enough to shout back and forth (we're still in quarantine) and to clear some Zs.

02:40 PM #
Kurt took out a few zombies that got through the hole in the fence and wandered in our direction. We talked (shouted) a bit before he left.

02:43 PM #
We think the person or persons who got out of the truck came some distance this way--& the zombies followed. Kurt will poke around tomorrow.

08:38 PM #
The 24-hour watch Shawn and I have been pulling to make sure Jason doesn't sneak off now has a 2nd purpose: Watching for the crash survivor.

08:41 PM #
I'm turning in after a long day up on my open 2nd floor. Shawn has the tough job of keeping watch through the cold, dark, overnight hours.

08:44 PM #
I told him where I saw a couple of dark figures moving around in the murk. They were probably zombies. Possibly deer. Humans? Unlikely.